Spider veins are small blood vessels that twist and turn under the skin’s surface giving them a red or blue appearance. Many people develop spider veins as part of the natural ageing and growth process, while some development is attributed to lifestyle factors, like being overweight or excessive standing. Luckily, Vein Care can expertly and easily treat spider veins with a series of injections.



During sclerotherapy, a detergent solution is injected via micro-needle directly into the affected vein, causing the vein wall to collapse. The procedure is quick, simple, and effective. You typically see results from sclerotherapy in just a matter of weeks.



Microsclerotherapy is the one of the most effective treatment options for tiny spider veins. It is virtually the same as sclerotherapy, but on a smaller scale to target very tiny veins. In fact, sclerotherapy and microsclerotherapy may be used together to target the variety of spider veins a patient presents.


Lifestyle Changes

While sclerotherapy and microsclerotherapy are effective treatment options for pre-existing veins, it’s also important to incorporate lifestyle changes to prevent new veins from developing. Eating a healthier diet and increasing physical activity are great options to keep your blood flowing and prevent veins from becoming overworked and twisted. Furthermore, you can avoid sitting or standing for an extended period, which causes your blood to pool.

In order to assess the best treatment for spider veins, consult with Vein Care’s specialised medical staff. To learn more about spider vein removal in Melbourne or to make an appointment for a consultation, call us on 1300 568 676, or contact us online.