Advanced Venous Disease

The following photo series documents advanced venous disease, its treatment and the subsequent improvements over time.

Chronic Venous Hypertension


Combined effects of venous hypertension, lymphatic stasis and venous ulceration (note: the greater the degree of venous hypertension, the greater the simultaneous risk of venous ulcers).

Endovenous laser treatment along with ultrasound guided sclerotherapy is the ideal treatment for advanced venous disease and is very successful in healing venous ulcers.


Patient is a 55-year-old male who shows symptoms of advanced venous disease. He has complained for the last 6 years of noticeable swelling, pigmentation and ulcer formation (shown by arrows).

3 weeks after EVLT and UGS


These pictures show results 3 weeks following endovenous laser treatment and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, as well as injection therapy in the perforator vein near the ulcer. Note that the ulcers are healing and their size has been significantly reduced.

7 weeks after EVLT and UGS


These pictures show results 7 weeks after endovenous laser treatment and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy. Note that both ulcers have completely healed.