Vein Care offers a variety of different varicose vein treatments. Melbourne patients won’t have to suffer in pain anymore as they receive expert care from our professionals. Visible abnormal veins occur in three varieties: spider veins, reticular veins and varicose veins. There are treatment options available for each of these veins. Although there are surgical ways to treat these veins, non-surgical techniques have largely replaced surgery.

Treatment Options Available

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Sclerotherapy and Microsclerotherapy


These two vein removals are very similar, differing only in the type of veins they are used to treat. Sclerotherapy is often used for varicose vein removal, whereas microsclerotherapy is preferred for spider veins.are similar procedures in which a solution injected into the problem veins cleanses the affected area and collapses the vein walls to seal them.

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Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy (UGS)


UGS is another variation of common sclerotherapy treatment that uses ultrasound for more efficient treatment of abnormal veins. It is often used to treat varicose veins, with the main difference between it and normal sclerotherapy is that the ultrasound guide enhances the accurateness of the process.

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Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT)

This procedure replaces the surgical “stripping” procedure and uses a laser fibre device to treat large varicose veins. EVLT is often combined with other procedures for maximum benefit.

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Ambulatory Phlebectomy

Ambulatory phlebectomy mainly targets visibly bulging veins. It often compliments sclerotherapy, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and endovenous laser treatments. This vein treatment involves marking the visible dilated veins, and then anaesthetising them with a local anaesthetic. The veins are pulled with a special hook. Stitches are generally not required.

Non-surgical Treatments for Abnormal Veins

The overwhelming majority of abnormal veins are not needed for effective blood circulation and can be safely eliminated with a variety of non-surgical outpatient procedures. These procedures are designed to eliminate symptoms of diseased veins, improve venous health and restore a more youthful and healthy appearance to the affected area.


Why the Change?

Non-surgical vein treatments are more effective and efficient with less expense. Unlike surgery, they often do not require general anaesthesia or hospitalisation. Their recovery periods are shorter, and they are less likely to result in scarring.

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