Laser therapy is one of the most cutting-edge options for varicose vein treatments in Melbourne. If you are looking for a treatment beyond concealer make-up and retinol creams, lasers are some of the safest and most effective forms of varicose vein removal.

Why Choose Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment for varicose vein removal. There are no needles, incisions or blood involved, and the procedure is painless and without scarring.

It is also more effective for varicose vein removal than other non-invasive treatments, such as medications. Laser therapy doesn’t just treat the symptoms, but the root causes that gave rise to the varicose veins.

How Do the Lasers Work?

Lasers use an intensely concentrated beam of light to focus on the broken vessels, causing them to heat until they dissolve.

The laser is a single beam of light. Unlike normal light, which is a mix of rays across a spectrum of frequencies, lasers have a single specific frequency.

Why Does Frequency Matter?

The lasers are set to a frequency that targets specific tissues within the structure of the skin. Only the targeted tissues will absorb the light energy and be destroyed, while the rest of the skin is undamaged.

When it comes to varicose vein removal, the target is the broken blood vessels. The blood vessels absorb the light energy of the laser until they become over-heated, and the blood vessels collapse.

Which Wavelengths Are Used?

There are several wavelengths that can be used for varicose vein removal in Melbourne. Usually, the lasers can be between 532 and 1064 nm. Though range corresponds to the wavelengths of light that the blood vessels are best at absorbing, each end of the spectrum behaves slightly differently.

532 nm Wavelength Lasers

The shorter 532 nm laser is better for targeting smaller blood vessels, or blood vessels closer to the surface of the skin.

1064 nm Wavelength Lasers

The longer 1064 nm wavelength is infrared and can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, reaching into skin structures that the 532 nm can’t. By reaching below the epidermis, this laser is used to target blood vessels in the dermis layer of the skin.

What About Other Pigments?

Melanin can absorb light at similar, although slightly shorter wavelengths. Melanin is the pigment that colours skin, so it’s important to receive laser varicose vein treatments from experienced professionals. The idea is to treat the varicose veins, without otherwise affecting the look of the skin!

The Next Step for Laser Therapy

For any therapy that involves lasers, it pays to ask questions and make sure you understand the procedure. When it comes to laser therapy for varicose vein removal, laser therapy is one of the safest options available, because it is non-invasive.

The Vein Care clinic has been offering varicose vein treatment in Melbourne for nearly 20 years, and we were one of the first few clinics in Australia to use lasers for varicose veins removal. Once you’re ready to take the step to remove your varicose veins with lasers, book your next consultation with us.