Spider Vein Treatment at Vein Care


Superficial veins (spider veins) – Patient was a 37-year-old female who complained of superficial veins visible in both legs, aggravated following her third pregnancy. Symptoms included pain and discomfort that typically intensified at night, during warm weather and during menstrual periods.


Treatment: Assessment with duplex scan confirmed absence of underlying varicose veins. Microsclerotherapy only was deemed sufficient to alleviate problem veins – three microsclerotherapy treatments allowed for 80-percent improvement and the patient was delighted with the results. There is a 20-percent chance that an additional microsclerotherapy treatment will be necessary in 4-5 years.

Large Varicose Vein Treatment Case 2


Large varicose veins – A 49 year old female consulted for recurrence of varicose veins after surgery. She has a family history of varicose veins.  She was operated 4 years ago. There was some recurrence noted approximately 2 years after surgery but now got worse. There were multiple bulgy varicose veins, reticular (blue) veins and spider veins.


Treatment: Duplex Ultrasound examination confirmed multiple tortuous branch vein recurrence in inner thigh. There was no recurrence of surgically removed veins.

She had Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy followed by direct vision sclerotherapy. This adequately addressed her condition.

She was comfortable and happy with the outcome. As she has family history of veins and had one recurrence. A follow up visit was arranged after one year.

Large Varicose Vein Treatment


Large varicose veins – A 52 year old male consulted for varicose vein of right leg. He first noticed it after few months of motorcycle accident which gradually got worse.


Treatment: Ultrasound examination confirmed underlying varicose vein. He was treated with Endovenous Laser followed by Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and direct vision sclerotherapy.

Annual Ultrasound review for 3 consecutive years confirmed the treated vein obliterated. It is highly unlikely there will be recurrence of this treated vein.

Varicose Vein Treatment at Vein Care Case 4


Varicose veins – A 40 years old male teacher consulted for varicose vein on right leg. He complained of pain and heaviness in leg that intensified at night and in warm weather. He is not aware of family history of varicose veins.

Ultrasound examination confirmed underlying varicose vein.


Treatment: Treatment with Endovenous laser (EVLT), ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and direct vision sclerotherapy achieved good outcome.

Follow up Ultrasound examination for 2 consecutive years confirmed complete obliteration of treated vein.

Recurrence in this case will be highly unlikely.

Venous Ulcer Treatment At Vein Care


Venous ulcers – Patient was a 72-year-old female referred by her primary care physician for treatment of a large non-healing ulcer on her lower left leg that required daily dressing. Symptoms included pain, bleeding and chronic infection.


Treatment: Ultrasound examination confirmed an underlying varicose vein and patient was treated with endovenous laser treatment, ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and normal sclerotherapy. 4-6 weeks following treatment the ulcer had substantially healed and patient no longer required daily dressings. 2-year follow-up demonstrated no recurrence.

Facial veins Treatment at Vein Care


Facial veins – Patient exam before photos show visible facial veins. Symptoms included discomfort and irritation.


Treatment: State-of-the-art laser treatment using Gemini KTP and ND YAG lasers. After photos show excellent treatment results. Gemini laser treatment is also very effective in cases of acne, acne rosacea (facial redness), pigmentation removal (freckles, blemishes, age spots), skin tightening for facial wrinkles and laser hair reduction for all skin types.