Screening for Mum Veins during pregnancy It is well known that pregnancy is a primary cause of painful, bulging varicose veins and unsightly spider veins. “Mum veins” problems can even develop post-pregnancy with little or no warning. If you would like to do something about varicose or spider veins, or simply learn more about them, Vein Care can help you.

We offer expert and courteous varicose vein treatments, using all the latest technologies designed to provide fast, pain-free, lasting solutions. With over 20 years providing non-surgical varicose vein treatments, Vein Care is the most trusted vein specialist in Melbourne.

5 Reasons to Choose Vein Care for “Mum Veins” Treatment

1. Vein Care offers leading expertise.

Our doctors and nurses are highly trained and extremely experienced in providing treatment for pregnancy-related varicose veins.

2. We use the most advanced varicose vein treatments.

Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT), Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy (UGS), Sclerotherapy, Microsclerotherapy and more. We offer the most advanced treatment to best suit your needs.

3. No surgery, cuts, or need for general anaesthesia.

Our varicose vein treatments are non-surgical and designed to maximise comfort and swift recovery.

4. Genuine, compassionate care.

We know mums have enough to handle already, we provide care and support committed to meeting your individual needs.

5. Convenient appointments and in-office treatments.

Busy mums have an extra need for convenient service, and we are happy to provide it!

Vein Care provides solutions for mums and anyone suffering problems with varicose or spider veins. Our staff are extremely competent and highly respected, with a reputation for providing outstanding care to patients in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Schedule an appointment and visit our offices for a fast, informative screening to examine your vein health. Varicose veins are not just unsightly: left untreated, they can lead to more serious health issues.

We are here to help you!