Tips for Healthy Legs to avoid Varicose VeinsVaricose veins can sometimes be found in otherwise Healthy Legs, so its important to keep your eye on any symptoms which may arise.

With just a little bit of work and care, anyone can have legs that are fit, healthy and attractive. Easier said than done however, especially when most of us are busy with work and family.

You do not need to invest all of your spare time and energy to maintain healthy legs and avoid vascular problems due to ageing.


Manageable tips that will help avoid varicose vein treatment


  • Stay active. It only requires moderate aerobic exercise – jogging, walking, dancing, swimming – to make a huge positive impact on your leg health. Exercise boosts blood flow and assists circulation, helping your legs to age gracefully.
  • Have a healthy diet. Eating correctly has numerous health benefits, among them lower blood pressure and improved cardiovascular function, both crucial to avoiding varicose veins. Additionally, a diet high in fibre helps optimise digestion, preserves regularity and allows blood in the lower abdomen to circulate freely.
  • Compression socks. For those predisposed to varicose vein problems, compression socks can be an effective deterrent. Compression socks can control swelling and alleviate chronic pain. They may reduce frequency of needed varicose vein treatments.


Healthy, attractive legs can be yours if you put in a small amount of time and effort and stay focused on your goals.

Varicose veins and venous problems such as swollen and painful legs can strike anyone, young or old,and preventive measures are sometimes not enough, especially if you are predisposed to this by your family history. In case of chronic leg pain or lingering discomfort, contact Vein Care for a consultation – we are a leading provider of professional varicose vein treatment in Melbourne and surrounding areas. A quick check up now can prevent serious complications that could linger for a lifetime.