what to expect at your varicose vein consultationWe’ve said it before and we will say it again: Timely Varicose Vein Treatment Prevents More Serious Problems. The most important fact to remember about varicose veins and spider veins is that they are not simply an aesthetic problem: it’s about more than how they look. Varicose veins that remain untreated can lead to more serious health problems, including:

  • Bleeding.

    A simple bump to your skin above a varicose vein can cause bleeding that is difficult to stop. Bleeding of sufficient volume may require medical care. Open wounds are also a vector for serious infection.


  • Deep vein thrombosis.

    Varicose veins can cause blood clots to form, particularly in your legs. You will notice pain, tenderness and swelling immediately, which can be debilitating in their own right. More serious problems arise if the blood clots migrate to other areas of the body.


  • Chronic venous insufficiency.

    The natural exchange of oxygen and nutrients from the blood can be disrupted by varicose veins, which can cause pain and a variety of other symptoms.


  • Varicose eczema.

    Skin becomes inflamed, itchy and scaly in response to disruption of normal blood flow. Chronic irritation can lead to open wounds, bleeding and infection.


  • Venous ulcer.

    Built up fluids cause skin tissues to swell, harden and eventually break down into an ulcer. Again, this can cause open wounds, bleeding and infection.


Early symptoms of varicose veins and spider veins may be aesthetic, but the progression to more serious symptoms can be fast and may occur without further warning. As you can see, varicose veins are much more than just a problem of unsightly legs!

We see many Melbourne varicose vein treatment patients who ignore early symptoms of a problem and delay their visit. The added pain and inconvenience is not worth the wait: varicose vein treatment is fast, almost completely pain free and allows you to continue with normal work and activities without interruption.

Varicose veins treatment patients in Melbourne come to Vein Care to access a variety of varicose vein solutions. Don’t let your varicose veins or their symptoms linger because you believe the problem is not serious – visit our Melbourne varicose vein treatment offices to get the diagnosis and treatment help you need today!