Many people wonder what to expect at a varicose vein consultation and we are often asked this very question by new clients. This will give you a good idea of what to expect during that consultation and how you can prepare.  Maybe you’ve just noticed some common varicose vein symptoms and it’s time to get them checked out. Or maybe you’ve simply reached the age where vascular problems become more likely and you want a professional assessment. Whatever your reasons for coming to Vein Care in Melbourne, we look forward to helping you!

Group of medical workers portraits in clinicIf you’ve never had a varicose vein consultation before, here’s what to expect at your first visit:

Medical history.

Our staff and doctors begin with a thorough review of your medical history, along with any lifestyle issues that can affect your vascular health. Let us know any varicose vein symptoms you have noticed, any trouble areas you are worried about, and whether your family history includes difficulty with varicose veins. Knowing these factors ahead of time helps us focus on critical problems quickly.

Varicose vein exam.

Your doctor will perform a full varicose vein exam, beginning with any problem areas revealed in your medical history and including potential problem areas you might not know about. After varicose veins examination which is done while lying on examination table and then standing which helps to see the veins more clearly as the varicose veins bulge on standing. This is followed by Ultrasound Examination done by the treating doctor and patient is explained underlying problem vein, this helps to understand vein problem and subsequent treatment. Please wear loose fitting clothing and avoid using any creams or lotions immediately prior to your visit.


Varicose vein diagnosis and varicose vein treatment.

When the exam is complete, your doctor will provide a diagnosis, including available treatment options and varicose vein solutions. Vein Care offers the most advanced varicose vein treatments available, including Sclerotherapy, Ultrasound guided sclerotherapy, Phlebectomy and Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT). You doctor will help you find the best treatment for your varicose vein challenges.


Varicose Vein Treatment in Melbourne

A varicose vein consultation at Vein Care is simpler and more convenient than you think. We are Melbourne‘s most experienced varicose and spider vein treatment providers and we have access to the most advanced technologies, for service that is fast, convenient and effective. Contact Vein Care today to schedule a consultation, we can restore your health and eliminate your varicose vein symptoms.