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5 Major reasons to get a Vein consultation

Many times we put off vising a vein specialist for various reasons. Having a consultation gives you a good idea about what treatments are available to help you and how much each treatment costs. A consultation can give you the information you need about your condition and could uncover a new and efficient means of treating you.

We always suggest you schedule a consultation and below we have the top 5 reasons why scheduling a consult could be the best thing you have done in ages.

1. Vascular diseases are difficult to spot on your own, many do not present obvious visual symptoms until they have reached an advanced stage. A varicose vein consultation will reveal problems early, before they can have a lasting impact on your health and comfort.

2. The symptoms of varicose veins and vascular disease, including itching, pain, numbness, sores and skin ulcers, swelling, can gradually accrue over time, without seeming to be a major problem. Many people do not realise how significant an impact on quality of life these “minor” symptoms can have. Talk with a vein doctor, restoring your vascular health can make your life easier and more enjoyable.

3. Poor blood circulation may be interfering with your tissue or organ function. Even tiny spider veins can signal much more than a cosmetic problem: critical functions could be impeded by your deteriorating vein health. A consultation will tell you if you have anything more serious to worry about.

4. Early detection and treatment can be less complex than waiting for an acute vein problem to occur. Intervention is easier, vein treatment is faster and more likely to succeed, and you will enjoy improved recovery. A vein consultation now can save you from more extensive vein treatments later.

5. Blood vessels change as you age and a check up that looked great a couple years ago might reveal challenges ahead now. Assessment is recommended for anyone over 50 years old with superficial veins skin changes like itching, discoloration, swelling etc particularly if you have a family history of varicose veins, or if your lifestyle is likely to exacerbate potential problems. Have a varicose vein consultation and get peace of mind!

Contact Vein Care to schedule a consultation, we are Melbourne’s most trusted varicose vein diagnosis and treatment provider. An assessment of your vein health is fast and simple, and it could reveal problems you had no idea existed. Call today to make an appointment.