There are so many Varicose Vein MythsThere are so many Varicose Vein Myths but here’s what you need to know. Many people take their vein health for granted and that casual attitude has allowed several myths to develop around varicose vein treatment. Here are three common myths, followed by the medical truth behind the stories.

Myth #1 – Young People Don’t Get Varicose Veins

While advancing age is a contributing factor in many cases, varicose veins can happen to young people too! Pregnant women of any age commonly suffer from varicose veins and other factors come into play also, including diet, exercise, lifestyle, and more. Young people need to be aware of their vein health and should act quickly at the first sign of trouble, to ensure minor vein problems do not become more serious.

Myth #2 – Varicose and Spider Veins Always Return

Today’s varicose vein treatments are fast, efficient, pain-free, and designed to provide lasting relief from varicose veins and spider veins. Professional varicose vein treatment by laser (EVLT) can result in a success rate of up to 90% after 3-5 years. Even in cases where problem veins recur, the complications following treatment are far less severe than left untreated, resulting in greatly improved appearance and health outcomes.

Myth #3 – Pregnant Women Should Not Undergo Varicose Vein Treatment

Pregnancy is a leading cause of circulatory difficulties, including varicose veins. Thankfully, today’s advanced varicose vein treatments are designed to be gentle and convenient, as well as effective. Pregnant women should always consult with their physician prior to any medical treatment.As a rule no active treatment is recommended during pregnancy.In very symptomatic patients appropriate pressure compression hosiery is recommended.

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