They appear in all sorts of places but 3 Places You Might Not Expect to Develop Spider Veins are your feet, your chest and your face. The legs and the thighs, those are the most common places for spider veins to develop (just like their larger relatives, varicose veins).

However, spider veins can appear almost anywhere on the body – these 3 locations are surprisingly common, although sometimes unexpected.


Spider veins that develop in the feet may be difficult to notice at first, although once they become irritated and painful they are more obvious. The transition from troubling appearance to more unpleasant symptoms (including pain, tenderness and skin ulcers) can also be a warning sign that the spider veins are transitioning into more dangerous varicose veins.

Have spider veins in the feet looked at by a professional, they should not be left untreated simply because they are less visible.


Chest spider veins on anterior aspect of chest could be distressing at times particularly, in ladies. The spider veins on anterior chest can be treated with laser and sometimes with sclerotherapy depending on the size of the veins.


What is perhaps most unexpected and distressing about appearance of spider veins on the face is there is no hiding them: they are immediately noticeable and can be a troubling cosmetic problem.

Typically, facial spider veins are found around the nose, cheeks or eyes and their appearance may be exacerbated by rosacea or eczema. Other causes: too much sun exposure and smoking. As irritation develops, these spider veins have a tendency to become even more pronounced.

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