Varicose Veins for Men - Vein CareYes, Men Also Suffer from Varicose Veins. It’s true. Varicose veins are not just something that happens to pregnant women. Men can also have vein problems and we can treat them. We’ve previously reviewed one prevailing myth regarding varicose veins: that they are a problem that only affects women and not men. That’s a definitively false belief and one that leads to chronic problems for men who ignore symptoms and do not take proper measures to protect their health. These problems are avoidable.

Statistics for men and their chances of suffering from varicose veins:

• The general split between men and women is relatively minor: about 55% of cases are in women and 45% of cases involve men.

• Being moderately overweight is associated with an increased risk of varicose veins of up to 50% for men.

• Men who have two parents who suffered from varicose veins have a nearly 90% chance of developing varicose veins themselves.

• Men who have a single parent who suffered from varicose veins are 25% more likely than average to develop varicose veins.

Obviously, knowing your family history is important to knowing your likelihood of suffering from varicose vein problems. Equally important for men is the need to manage lifestyle choices that can reduce the odds of suffering from varicose veins: these include maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking and getting enough exercise.

Prevention begins with awareness and men need to be aware that varicose veins are a problem that can happen to anyone, regardless of gender. Vein Care is Melbourne’s top varicose vein clinic and our staff are experienced in diagnosing problems with varicose veins and spider veins and providing effective, lasting solutions.

Vein treatment is faster, easier and more accessible than you think. Don’t wait, contact our office today to schedule a vein consultation. We can successfully resolve your vein problems, end related pain and discomfort, and help you resolve chronic health problems.