Whether you’re concerned about varicose veins in pregnancy or you have a family history of painful veins in your legs, it’s understandable to think twice about your veins and whether they are healthy or not.

After all, varicose veins often start out as just unattractive, but eventually, they can cause more than just cosmetic concerns. If you have varicose veins and experience any of the following symptoms, it’s time to give your doctor a call to discuss potential non-invasive treatments and varicose vein surgery.

Dull Aches and Pains

First, experts in varicose veins pain recommend paying close attention to a feeling of heaviness or dull aching in your legs after a day of work. If you’re on your feet for some or all of the day, your leg veins are under a lot of pressure, then you may be more susceptible to varicose veins in your legs and possibly your arms, too, depending on your weight and other health factors. While the occasional aches and pains may not be anything serious, a trip to the vein doctor is a good idea if you have prolonged discomfort and noticeably enlarged veins.

Post-Exercise Fatigue

Although it’s expected to feel tired after a good workout, you should pay attention to the feeling of unusual fatigue in the legs post-physical activity. This is especially true if you’re in good shape and exercise regularly, as sudden fatigue in your legs could be a sign of varicose veins developing. Chronic heaviness and aching after exercise or even normal physical activity like walking may indicate varicose veins in the legs and arms. If this is getting in the way of your workout goals, then you’ll want to see a vein specialist.

Severe Swelling

Not everyone needs varicose vein surgery or sclerotherapy, but those with severe swelling should seek professional varicose vein treatments sooner than later. Significant swelling, burning, and throbbing should be taken seriously, as it could indicate further health issues. The right vein doctor can distinguish between varicose veins, deep vein thrombosis, lymphoedema, and chronic venous disease. Remember that ulcers and skin hardening in one specific area may be a more serious vascular disease than just varicose veins.

Persistent Pain

Finally, continuous pain is one of the most important reasons to seek professional varicose vein treatments. Many people are initially more concerned with the cosmetic side of things. Still, once varicose veins pain gets to the point where it impacts your regular routine, then it’s time for sclerotherapy or another successful treatment plan as approved by your vein doctor.

Discover the Best Varicose Vein Treatments in Melbourne

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