Compression stockings FAQ MelbourneChoosing Compression stockings can be difficult if you haven’t worn them before. These garments may be used a measure to help prevent varicose veins and circulation problems, and they are also prescribed for use after sclerotherapy treatments. In this case they are used to to help seal off dilated veins. Always follow your doctor’s instructions regarding the use of compression stockings, here are some general tips for their use:

Start early.

Swelling and inflammation in the legs is usually at its least extent in the morning, so get your compression stockings on early. It won’t ever be easier.


Putting on compression stockings.

Compression stockings may be difficult to put on, especially if you are new to them. You may try using latex gloves and baby powder, which help provide a better grip and smoother entry. Particularly in the winter, when skin tends to be drier, a little lotion will also make putting on your compression stockings easier.


Wearing sandals.

Pair sandals with open-toed or footless compression stockings that most closely match your skin tone. This creates the best look with open-toed footwear.


Athletic compression stockings.

If you intend to stay active outdoors or in the gym, athletic compression stockings will provide the most comfortable and effective fit. They offer improved support and are made from a material that will help you remain cool.


Check the pressure.

Compression stockings are designed to create the most pressure at your ankles, with the pressure gradually easing up the calves. Proper fit is to about two inches below the knee, and your heel should match with the heel of the sock. If the fit is not right, the pressure will be improperly distributed and effectiveness is lost. Check the pressure and check for proper fit.


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