Working women sitting in bedroom applying body makeup on her legsVaricose veins can be a real pain, especially when you want to go out in the open with clothes that show your legs. Instead of enjoying the sun, other people are just staring at those unsightly veins, and you don’t want that at all! So what do you need to do?

Of course, the first choice, and a permanent fix at that, would be to seek help from a vein specialist who can suggest interventions. But if you are looking for a “right now” remedy, then makeup can help! You can apply concealers to the affected areas for a coverup until you can have the problem properly treated.

While that sounds easier said than done, there are steps to follow to get that perfect finish. 

How to Effectively Cover your Varicose Veins with Makeup

1. Prepare the Area

Similar to how you’d do it with your face, start with exfoliating and toning your legs. This ensures that the makeup won’t end up with flakes. After cleansing the area, apply the same primer you use on your face.

2. Pick the Right Shade

The next step is to look for a colour that best blends into your body. Don’t use the same one you apply on your face, because chances are you’ve been applying SPF makeup, which causes your face to be lighter than the rest of your body. So basically you are back to square one.

3. Dab as Necessary

Not even professionals can cover up varicose veins, or any skin imperfection for that matter, with just one dab of foundation or concealer. Try it once directly on the area you will to cover, spread out, and see if that works. If not, wait for 3-4 minutes before applying another layer.

4. Use Setting Powder

You don’t want makeup smudges on your dress, right? Once you get to your desired shade, apply setting powder and let it stay for around two minutes before you brush off the excess. Doing it perfectly will ensure the makeup stays on for longer periods of time.

Aside from that, say you’re going to the beach, you can use a tan can to conceal the veins and look sun-kissed in the process. That’s two benefits rolled into one!

Still, the best solution is to consult a professional to remove those varicose veins, and Vein Care is always here to be of service.