Varicose veins affect around 30 per cent of the population, with women and those with a family history of vein conditions at higher risk. If you’re tired of unsightly, uncomfortable varicose veins, there are a few treatment options to consider with a trusted vein doctor from Vein Care clinics in Melbourne. Learn more about sclerotherapy, microsclerotherapy, and endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) to find the right varicose vein treatment for you, along with lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise.


For varicose vein removal in Melbourne, sclerotherapy is one of the most popular options, as this vein treatment targets bulging veins in legs without anaesthesia. It’s easy to recover from this treatment, which takes just 30 minutes and involves a micro-needle injection with a detergent solution. This direct injection into the affected vein causes the wall to collapse, prompting the body’s natural healing process to dissolve and absorb the collapsed vein, so it doesn’t cause any more problems.


Microsclerotherapy is a sclerotherapy vein treatment form specially targeted for spider veins in the legs and face. The recovery is fast and relatively painless, so you can get back behind the wheel and continue the rest of your day after the micro-needle injection. Sometimes multiple treatments may be required to get the best results, but it’s pretty easy with minimal discomfort and quick appointments. In addition to microsclerotherapy, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy (UGS) also uses an ultrasound tool to ensure effective injection of the affected vein.

Endovenous Laser Treatment

Another option for varicose vein removal in Melbourne is endovenous laser treatment. Regarded by many as the best treatment for varicose veins, EVLT is a relatively new technology changing the way doctors treat bulging veins in legs. Instead of going under general anaesthesia for a lengthy procedure and recovery process, EVLT patients can be in and out in as little as an hour and a half. After a local anaesthetic is used, vein doctors look at an ultrasound to guide the laser fibre into an abnormal vein. Once the laser is activated, the fibre is pulled through the length of the vein, so it seals effectively.

Varicose Vein Management

While it’s, of course, ideal to find the best treatment for varicose veins, it’s also important to consider preventive measures such as lifestyle changes that could help you better manage varicose veins. Weight management is a prime example, like exercise and a balanced diet can go a long way in maintaining a healthy weight that reduces stress and pressure on the veins. Standing for long hours and wearing unsupportive shoes could also influence varicose veins, so if you can elevate your legs and give your feet a break, that will help too.

Explore Leading Varicose Vein Removal in Melbourne

From sclerotherapy to endovenous laser treatment, cutting-edge technology supports successful non-invasive vein treatment with minimal disruption to your daily life. If you notice bulging veins in legs, please contact the experts at Vein Care to discuss the best treatment for varicose veins.