Modern vein solutions include vascular ultrasounds, a medical test that examines blood vessels using high-frequency sound waves. This ultrasound technology is used to better manage and treat varicose veins pain, a common condition caused by increased pressure in the circulatory system. As your local Melbourne vein clinic will tell you, this pressure in your veins could be from several things, such as additional weight from pregnancy or obesity, excessive standing for long periods, hormonal changes like menopause, or even a family history of varicose veins pain. Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy is one of the top varicose vein solutions for alleviating swollen, twisted veins and improving your physical appearance and overall comfort in the process. Let’s take a look at the many perks of this leg vein treatment plan.

Successful Leg Vein Removal

Out of all the available treatments for varicose veins pain, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy is one of the top options at Melbourne vein clinics, as it’s an advanced form of sclerotherapy treatment for varicose veins.

Standard sclerotherapy leg vein treatment uses a micro-needle injection with detergent solution. UGS goes one step further with the innovative ultrasound tool for guided injections ensuring a high success rate between 80 and 90% on average.

Minimally Invasive Leg Vein Treatment

Ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy is an outpatient procedure that’s relatively pain-free, making it an attractive alternative to traditional vein stripping as no anaesthesia is needed. This leg vein removal procedure works with the body’s natural processes by collapsing the vein wall before it dissolves and disappears over time. Within a few weeks, your body should have absorbed most if not all of the collapsed vein, dramatically improving how your legs look and feel.

Keep in mind the entire treatment takes under an hour, starting with ultrasound and possibly a sonogram, to map the target treatment area. Then the detergent solution is precisely injected into the vein to be naturally absorbed by the body. Sometimes 2-4 injections may be recommended depending on the severity of varicose veins, but regardless, it’s extremely effective thanks to the ultrasound pulses that pick up on abnormal detergent sclerosant veins.

Same-Day Treatment

In addition to the minimal discomfort and high success rate, The perks of ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy also include the fast treatment time with fewer follow-ups required. Due to the ultrasound precision, this highly effective treatment targets stubborn varicose veins and can reduce vein problems in just a handful of treatments.

Also, you may return to work or regular activities after this vein removal procedure, so you don’t need to worry about taking multiple days off work or being off your feet for a while.

Schedule Sclerotherapy Vein Solutions at Melbourne Vein Clinic

If you struggle with varicose veins and are interested in leg vein removal, ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy at Vein Care in Melbourne may be right for you. We have three convenient locations across Melbourne, so you can schedule ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy when it works for you – please call 1300 568 676 or contact us online.