How Ignoring Your Varicose Veins Can Lead to Serious Health ProblemsMany people believe Ignoring Your Varicose Veins can make them go away. That couldn’t be farther from the truth. Varicose veins and spider veins are not just nuisances, cosmetic problems that are an unavoidable consequence of ageing. They can be a serious medical problem and the truth is varicose veins can be the precursor to much more serious health challenges and can lead to complications that can have a dramatic affect on your health and well being:


Skin ulcers can develop at the site of varicose veins that are left untreated: the build up of fluid causes swelling, discolouration and becomes very tender. The affected area is often prone to itching or additional discomfort where clothing brushes against the skin. Eventually, the skin breaks and an open sore can result. Once the skin is broken, infection becomes an additional danger that can require medical treatment or even hospitalisation.

Excess Bleeding.

A small cut or bump to an affected area may cause serious bleeding and is another vector for infection. If routine first aid does not stop the bleeding, you may need medical attention.

Blood Clots.

While less prone to migrate than other types of blood clots, those caused by varicose veins are still a serious health threat. Migration to brain or lungs can cause organ failure or death. Substantial clots that remain in the legs can drastically affect circulation and cause serious damage to surrounding tissues, not to mention intense pain and discomfort.

Vein Rupture.

A varicose vein that is not successfully treated can continue to deteriorate, until the vein walls lose strength and a rupture occurs. Symptoms can range from mild (minor bleeding) to serious (blood clots and uncontrolled bleeding) and may require medical intervention to repair.

Most people do not seek timely vein treatment because they believe the consequences are minor, or that treatment is painful and disruptive. Vein Care is a leader in Melbourne varicose vein treatment, including the most advanced techniques that are not only effective, but largely pain free and performed on an outpatient basis that requires very little recovery time. Contact us today to schedule an appointment – a few minutes could save your health.