Varicose veins are common during pregnancy as the excess weight increases blood volume and restricts blood flow from the legs with added physical strain. While some women are more at risk of varicose veins in legs and arms due to their family history, they can still take a few steps to prevent or minimise varicose veins in pregnancy. Here are Vein Care’s top tips for varicose veins prevention during pregnancy.

Weight Management

Regarding preventing varicose veins in pregnancy, weight management cannot be overlooked. Staying within the recommended weight range for each pregnancy stage ensures overall health and good circulation. The better your circulation during pregnancy, the less likely you will need varicose vein surgery in the future.

Healthy Diet

Even though your pregnancy cravings may be challenging at the best of times, it’s essential to try and eat a balanced diet as part of varicose veins prevention. Opt for less salt and nutritious fruits and veggies whenever you can to benefit the baby and help stay within the ideal weight for your BMI and trimester.

Regular Exercise

Daily exercise like a brisk walk or gentle yoga supports healthy veins in legs and arms all the time, but especially during pregnancy when many women gain around 10-20kg. Of course, you shouldn’t push your body too far, but if you can get up and move at least once a day, you can help stop vein swelling.

Elevated Legs

Varicose vein surgery specialists also recommend keeping feet and legs elevated when sitting or lying down to prevent varicose veins in pregnancy. Elevated legs encourage healthy blood flow and keep blood from collecting in twisted veins. A tall stool when you’re sitting down or comfy pillows while lying in bed go a long way in successful circulation and vein support.

Sit and Stretch

If you chat to a vein doctor about varicose veins, you’ll also find they don’t want you to stand for too long. To promote strong circulation and veins, move around frequently and try not to cross your ankles or legs when sitting down. If you stand on your feet for most of the day at work, try switching between sitting and standing as often as possible to make sure your leg veins are adequately supported.

Compression Socks

Finally, compression socks aren’t just for after vein treatment but also during pregnancy as a great way to minimise and even prevent varicose veins. Graduated compression stockings add the right amount of pressure to protect veins and keep swelling under control.

Discuss Varicose Veins Prevention with Vein Care

Now that you know a bit more about preventing varicose veins in pregnancy, you may want to discuss the veins in your legs and arms with a vein treatment specialist. Vein Care leads the way in varicose vein surgery and can recommend the best preventative measures during pregnancy and varicose vein treatment options after pregnancy. Please call 1300 568 676 or contact us online today.