If you have varicose veins and your vein doctor recommends direct vision sclerotherapy, you can look forward to impressive results through fast, targeted treatment that takes as little as 30 minutes. As with all spider veins and varicose veins treatments, it’s essential to be prepared so you can make the most of non-invasive vein removal. Here’s what you should know before sclerotherapy for stubborn veins in legs.

Before Sclerotherapy

To prepare for this varicose vein treatment, make sure you don’t put on any moisturisers or lotions the day of. You can shave your legs if they are being treated but do so the day before. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and compression socks, and stay hydrated as much as possible ahead of your sclerotherapy session, too. Vein removal doctors also advise you to cease smoking ahead of the treatment, but you can continue taking medications unless otherwise told.

Most patients don’t need pain medication before removing varicose or spider veins in their legs. Still, if you have low pain tolerance, you may take two paracetamol tablets with food before sclerotherapy treatment. Lastly, if you plan to fly overseas in the next three weeks, you should talk to your vein doctor about rescheduling sclerotherapy for a better time.

During Sclerotherapy

To prepare for sclerotherapy, it also helps to know what to expect. You won’t need anaesthesia, so the recovery time and results will be quite quick. Your vein doctor will inject a detergent solution into the problem vein with a micro-needle, making the vein wall collapse. This activates an immune response as your body naturally heals, with the collapsed vein dissolved and ultimately absorbed back into your system. This fast, painless treatment is proven to reduce varicose and reticular veins for a more youthful, appealing look that enhances everyday comfort and self-confidence.

After Sclerotherapy

The more you know about sclerotherapy, the more prepared you will be for successful vein removal in Melbourne. With sclerotherapy, you can expect to see results in a few weeks, as the body’s natural healing process reduces the varicose vein until it’s no longer an issue. Also, adverse reactions are rare, and discomfort is minor and easily soothed by local pressure. This fast recovery time means most patients can drive and return to work the same day, but you’ll want to check with your sclerotherapy specialist just to be sure.

Something else to note about sclerotherapy is that sometimes multiple treatments are required for severe varicose veins. Your vein doctor may also recommend microsclerotherapy, which is the same process except it targets tiny spider veins in your legs and face. Occasionally sclerotherapy may be paired with ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy or endovenous laser treatment, too.

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