Conveniences of Non-Surgical Vein Treatment
Non-Surgical Vein Treatment is the option of choice for the modern person suffering from varicose veins. The need for surgical procedures for vein and circulatory problems is often created by neglecting to address or manage common vein problems before they develop into something more serious. Many patients do not realise how simple and convenient modern non-surgical vein treatments really are.

Treatment at Vein Care in Melbourne is designed to maximise comfort, convenience and fast relief.

Convenience of Vein Care’s Non-Surgical Treatment

•  Walk in & walk out convenience. No disruption to your life, no need to plan for a lengthy stay away from home. Preventive vein care treatment for varicose veins, spider veins and other common problems can be accomplished in as little as an hour.

•  No hospitalisation. You save yourself the intimidating need for a trip to hospital with preventive out-patient treatment. Aside from the costs, you also save yourself time and hassles.

•  No need for general anaesthesia. Even the most routine surgical procedures that require general anesthesia hold the risk of something serious going wrong, or an extended recovery from sedation. Varicose vein treatments typically only require topical anaesthetic or tumescent anaesthesia i.e. local anaesthetic.

• No surgery, cuts or stitches. Our out-patient procedures are typically pain free, and at most require a minor injection that is eased with topical anesthetic.

• Freedom to immediately resume work or leisure activities. This is the greatest convenience of all. Our vein treatments do not require bed rest or time off afterward. You can resume your life immediately following treatment.

Do you suspect you have a vein or circulation problem? Stop in to Vein Care for a consultation and find out your options for vein treatment that is fast, pain-free and convenient. Managing your problem now can save you the need for surgical treatment later, and allow you to avoid unnecessary pain and inconvenience. We are the leading provider of medical vein care treatments for Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.