Do you suffer from varicose veins? You might be interested to learn the best exercises for alleviating or preventing all those varicose veins symptoms. To help you out, we’ve compiled this handy list.

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For most people, walking is a fantastic form of low intensity exercise. It’s particularly effective for varicose veins, which more often than not appear on the legs, and helps to get the blood flowing around affected areas. Moreover, vigorous walks are a great way to lose weight, which eases strain on the body.



Cycling is another type of exercise that doesn’t have too heavy an impact on the body. Regular cycling, either on a bicycle or stationary spin bike at the gym, will build calf muscles and get that blood pumping around the legs. Don’t have access to a bike? Don’t sweat it! Try lying with your back on the ground, raising your legs, and kicking them in a pedalling motion for similar results.


Leg Lifts

Start off lying down on the floor with your back flat. Then, lift one leg at a time off the ground. With the leg in the air, hold it there for a few seconds. You may start to feel some tightening in your core, which is a good sign that the stretch is working. Then, gradually bring the leg back to the ground, and begin the stretch again with the other leg. You can also do leg lifts while standing while holding onto a stable object like a table or the refrigerator.


Rocking Your Feet

It’s not all just about the legs. There are exercises you can do which work the feet in the battle against varicose veins, too. Try rocking your feet, a stretch which builds muscles and improves circulation. Start out with your weight on the ball of your feet for a few seconds. Then, slowly, lower your heel. Then, conversely, rest your weight on your heel with the ball of your foot lifted up. Repeat this several times, either from a standing or siting position.


What About When Exercises Just Aren’t Enough?

Exercise is an excellent start, and we recommend that our patients take care of themselves and their health. However, there’s no substitute for cutting-edge technology and decades of hands on experience treating varicose veins. The aforementioned steps are best used in conjunction with medical treatment, rather than as a replacement for it.


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