Busy bar staff working in cafe or barSome jobs can make you more prone to suffering from varicose veins and here are 4 Professions at High Risk for Varicose Veins.

Some professions, due to the nature of the work involved, are at higher risk of suffering from varicose veins. From the following list, you’ll notice the common thread: these are professions that require being on your feet, but not walking around much. Here is the list:


Barbers and hairdressers.

These professions require lengthy periods standing, but almost all of it in one place. The long hours on their feet without much movement can really add up and fatigue veins in the legs.


Nurses and health professionals.

The exact job can provide some relief: some health care professionals walk quite a bit while making the rounds, which helps alleviate symptoms. But most nurses are on their feet without moving too much, which puts them at added risk of varicose veins.


Chefs, Bartenders and servers.

Chefs particularly standing in hot places while cooking, give a lot of strain to legs and are quite prone to develop varicose veins. Again, heavy workdays on their feet and probably not much walking. Some servers do quite a bit of walking and that extra blood flow can help a great deal, but many don’t get enough exercise compared to the time spent relatively still while on their feet.



Standing at the front of a classroom, or sitting for long periods as is increasingly the case, is a recipe for poor vein health and varicose vein complications. (Physical education teachers catch a break here!)


People in these professions should take extra care to avoid the likelihood of varicose veins:

  • Schedule regular breaks to walk around, stretch and vary positions
  • Avoid additional aggravating factors, such as smoking and poor nutrition
  • Check legs regularly for signs of bulging veins and be aware of other symptoms, including leg fatigue, pain and swelling


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