While spider veins in arms start as a cosmetic issue because they visibly twist and turn under the skin, eventually they can cause health concerns if left untreated. That’s why vein removal specialists at Melbourne’s top vein clinics recommend a consultation on spider vein treatment to protect your health and boost your self-confidence at the same time. Here are some of the potential health concerns to be aware of with stubborn spider veins in arms.

Aches and Pains

Spider veins in the arms and legs are generally not painful when they first develop, but over time, they may cause slight discomfort. This is particularly true for veins in the lower arms, as the pain can eventually affect the hands and may start to get in the way of everyday tasks.


Another possible health issue with spider veins on your arms or legs is dermatitis, a common skin condition that results in itchy, dry skin. While there are topical medications and home remedies for dermatitis, it still isn’t any fun, and you may be able to avoid it by addressing spider veins sooner rather than later. If you are already prone to skin conditions or you think your spider veins are getting worse, then it’s worthwhile to consult a well-known vein doctor about sclerotherapy and microsclerotherapy.

Skin Ulcers

Something else that spider veins in arms could lead to is skin ulcers. As blood collects and backs up in spider and varicose veins, it puts pressure on the skin, which could result in open sores. These skin ulcers are uncomfortable and unsightly, so that’s why spider vein treatment and management are key to ensuring not just your vein health but overall health as well.

Varicose Veins

It’s important to note that arm spider veins on their own don’t cause varicose veins, but if you have one, you’re likely to have the other at some point. Many people notice spider veins first and then, upon consultation with a reputable vein doctor, learn they are at risk of varicose veins, too. For peace of mind about the veins in your arms, legs and face, it’s best to speak to a knowledgeable vein specialist at a local Melbourne vein clinic.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Finally, varicose veins are linked to deep vein thrombosis, which is a deep blood clot with potentially serious side effects. While spider veins don’t cause varicose veins or deep vein thrombosis, if you have numerous spider veins throughout your arms, legs and face, then you may be more likely to develop further vein problems in the future. That’s why a vein health management plan with a trusted vein clinic is so valuable.

Schedule Arm Spider Vein Removal in Melbourne

While dermatitis, aching, and skin ulcers are all possibilities with spider veins in your arms and legs, these health issues can be avoided through timely sclerotherapy or microsclerotherapy treatments for spider veins. If you’re interested in successful spider vein removal, contact Vein Care vein clinics today.