Varicose veins can be painful, dangerous, and a cosmetic disaster. While nothing will get the results of specialty medical treatment, there are a number of home remedies which can help to mitigate and minimise varicose veins. They can help prevent the onset of varicose veins and can help in recovery after a treatment. Read on to find out more about reducing varicose veins pain.

Female puts some anti-thrombotic stockings on


There are many benefits conferred by regular exercise, and most people should try to get their heart rate up for at least thirty minutes at a time, at least five days each week. With exercise, better blood circulation will be encouraged, helping to push blood that has collected in the veins on through the body. Also, exercise contributes to lowering blood pressure – a contributing factor to varicose veins.


Compression Stockings

You can buy compression stockings at most pharmacies. They apply pressure to the legs, and this aids muscles and veins. Studies have shown that people who wear compression stockings report a reduction in the aching and pain from varicose veins.


Changing Your Diet

Salty foods taste great, but they’re not the best thing for your varicose veins. Foods high in sodium can cause the body to retain water, which isn’t ideal. Aside from avoiding salty foods, you can also focus on eating foods that are high in potassium. Try potatoes, lentils, leafy veggies, tuna and salmon.  Then, there’s fibre. Fibre helps the bowels keep moving, prevents constipation, and

can reduce the sort of straining that aggravates damaged valves and makes the situation even worse.


Elevate the Legs

When possible, people with varicose veins on their legs should keep their legs elevated. To improve circulation, have your legs up at the same height or above the heart. This will reduce pressure in the veins of the legs and allow gravity to aid the body when blood is flowing back to the heart.


Keep Moving

With varicose veins, it’s bad to stay in one position for too long – either sitting or standing. So, when you can, mix it up by moving from one position to another.


Enquire About Medical Treatment

Home remedies are an excellent start, and we recommend that our patients take care of themselves. However, there’s no substitute for cutting-edge technology and decades of hands on experience. The aforementioned steps are best used in conjunction with medical treatment, rather than as a replacement for it.


Vein Treatment – Melbourne

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